Sunday, June 25, 2017

Global Warming to cause Global Cooling to cause Global famine to cause Global War to cause Cannabalism to cause Resurgence of Christianity and New World Order

That's right!  Climatologists, meteorologists, historians, tarot card readers, and George Herbert Walker Bush have collaborated and arrived at this stunning new prediction!  Earth will heat up, cloud over, cool down, freeze, devastate agriculture, and humans will be fighting each other for every last morsel of food before descending to eating each other and then finding renewed Faith and beginning a One-Nation global government and a New World Order!

They could not fully agree on this prediction , however, until consulting with Bill Nye and a local high school science club.  The theory was solidified when ex- President Bush saw it in a dream....the same dream where he had defeated former President Bill Clinton in a savage knife-wielding battle for  Hillary in the end-of-days...

Confident in their prediction, they have presented these theorized facts to the UNFCCC  and are desperately pleading with the global community to take action to prevent these inevitable course of events!   Their solution:  to jettison as much of the worlds ocean water to the planet Mars as quickly as possible,   whatever the cost,  to stave off the cooling action of the clouds formed by the heated waters of the world's oceans.  And to summon advice from the prophetic dreams of  former President George Herbert Walker Bush. Elon Musk has volunteered to head-up the vital water-transport-to-Mars operation.

Once again,  the science community has come together with a much needed and viable solution to prevent an otherwise inevitable cataclysmic and apocalyptic course of events.


  1. That's a funny story. I like it... sorta... =\

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