Thursday, April 13, 2017

Playing With Fireworks: NUKE MISSILE GOES AWRY!

      Kim Jong-un , now in his early 30's...was not allowed to light celebratory  fireworks when he was a child. His Father,  Kim Jong-il was a bit over-protective with his bastard son,  as he carefully  groomed him for the day that he would become the Godsent successor to the throne of the DPRK.
      Instead of frivolous fireworks ,  young Jong-un was forced to witness executions and perform beheadings in the darkened dungeons of North Korean  prison camps  He often gazed through the prison bars with envy as his Father joyfully set off the colorful explosions imported from China.
                            It was not a normal childhood for the 8 year old bastard child.
     While making his dungeon rounds  one day, ..he noticed the rats that had been feasting on a beheaded prisoner began to slowly wither and die.  And a wonderful-terrible idea  lit off in his little munchkin head.  An angry and jealous  psychosis began to gestate in his corrupted child mind as he devised a plan to remove the only obstacle to the fireworks for which he so often obsessed.  His dictator father Kim Jong-il!

    However , being born without testicles had become a roadblock for his childish and devious plan: To feed his Pappy rat poison and assume the throne!

   It wasn't until his mid-twenties that he finally mustered enough courage to  implement his murderous plot. His reluctance was overcome at breakfast one morning. After finishing off  his second bucket of illegal KFC,  he was refused a third.... and denied a refreshing American Pepsi-cola. He was pissed!  And so,  Kim Jong-un  slowly began to spice up his daddy's kimchi with American D-con rat poison as he hockered and  spat in Papa Jong-il's banchan.  Pappy died face down in a bowl of egg soup.

    Today...Jong-un set off his very own fireworks!!  In the form of nuclear tipped missiles!!
 But having no practice as a child, he did not know the dangers of lighting off fireworks so close to home!  One of the faulty prisoner-made fireworks went awry,  and landed in his own backyard...sending him and his pride-filled military cohorts to a Hellbound kingdom come....
                             "Day of the Sun" brings fiery end to DPRK's Kim Jong-un.